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Our Company’s goal is to prolong the life of all trees, specifically those in urban environments. Trees in urban environments encounter many more stressors than their counterparts in the forest. Sidewalks, driveways, houses, streets, etc. make it more difficult for trees in urban environments to function normally and remain healthy. In most cases leaves, pine straw, and other organic material are gathered and hauled away before having a chance to naturally breakdown, returning valuable nutrients back to the soil. With limited green space and nutrition available, many trees begin to suffer and deteriorate. Once trees begin to decline, which is noticeable by yellowing foliage, undersized foliage, and/or crown dieback, the tree is much more susceptible to pathogens {fungal and/or insect attacks}. Through years of experience and proven techniques our products are designed to keep unban trees healthy by supplementing their nutrition. Each tree is different and must be evaluated individually. Our certified arborists can access and determine what amendments your trees need to remain healthy year to year.

Keeping trees healthy offers significant benefits to people and property. Trees offer many different forms:  fruits, flowers, and colors which beautify our landscapes, cities, and properties. Trees also benefit our environment by neutralizing pollution, producing oxygen, provide cooling shade, creating a noise barrier, and natural privacy. Studies have shown that trees benefit people psychologically by reducing stress, reducing crime rates, and recovery time in the hospital.

Trees offer many benefits to us and our landscapes. However, trees in urban environments must be managed regularly.  With our long-standing experience, knowledge, and professionalism our Certified Arborists can help ensure your trees remain healthy and vigorous for years to come.