Most insects communicate using pheromones and pine beetles are no different. Once a pine beetle finds a susceptible host {tree}, they send a signal out drawing other beetles to the tree. Our traps draw the beetles by sending the same signal, killing them and keeping them out of your trees. If left unchecked, pine beetles have the ability to destroy many trees very rapidly. These traps are used on large scale properties with many trees such as golf courses, parks, school campuses, and other similar properties. These properties are best managed with traps because it is not feasible to administer treatment for each tree.

Residential properties can be managed on a tree by tree basis. It is important to first ensure a tree is healthy by performing a deep root fertilization treatment. Then beetle repellants can be applied to each tree causing the beetle to look elsewhere for a susceptible host.

This is one of our traps that we maintain every three months to keep pine beetles out of the trees. Customer Comment “ Now that is money well spent” If you have a Key tree that customizes your landscape I can promise you it is cheaper to preserve than to replace!

Three Types Of Pine Trees

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